ECOMOVE Festivals (2001-2005)

From 2001 to 2005, the ECOMOVE network organised every second year a Festival of Environmental Film Festivals where the prize-winning films of our member festivals competed for ECOMOVE awards: ECOMOVE 2001 as well as ECOMOVE 2003 took place in Berlin, Germany. Besides that, ECOMOVE International contributed to global events such as the JOZI SUMMIT FILM FILM FESTIVAL in Johannesburg 2002, the official educational component of the Earth Summit. In 2005 ECOMOVE was realised in Tokio, Japan in the framework of the EXPO 2005.

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In July 2005 the "ECOMOVE Sense of Wonder World Environmental Film Festival" took place at the EXPO 2005 in AICHI Japan. Organizers and films of environmental film festivals in Europe were invited through the ECOMOVE international network of environmental film festival, and with the cooperation of international film festivals in Japan, it became a venue for film gems from around the world to gather together. EARTH VISION, a member of the ECOMOVE network proposed and organized this project. Outstanding short animations and nature films of ECOMOVE International and international film festivals in Japan were screened, and organizers of international environmental film festivals throughout Europe gathered in the hall. A one-person play “A Sense of Wonder” was also performed by Kaiulani Lee, a famous off-Broadway actress.

Under the theme of “Eco Literacy,” a panel discussion was also held by leaders in the fields of environmental education and visual media. Panelists were:

Kawamura Atsunori (Executive Producer, NHK)
Kawashima Tadashi (Senior Director of Japan Environmental Education Forum, Director of Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development)
Kamito Keiko (writer, translator, Director of Japan Rachel Carson Council)
Chino Nariko (NTV Environment Administration Office)
Frantisek Urban (Ekofilm, Czech Republic)
Dagmar Rajeanova (Envirofilm, Slovak Repubic)
Irene Lucius (Ökomedia, Germany)
Elena Titova (Green Vision, Russia)
Uzu Ruriko (EARTH VISION, Japan)


ECOMOVE has been screening the best films from six international environmental film festivals from 19 to 23 November in Berlin. The films chosen showed a broad audience that environmental films do not have to be boring educational films, but that they can convey new information and interesting points of view in a varied and highly artistic way. As well as international films for adults and children, there has been an attractive supporting programme of cultural events taken place. "Sustainable nutrition" and "Water" were the main focuses of the programme. A variety of films on these topics has been screened. Presenters and speakers provided further insights into the themes the films were presenting.




From 21 August to 5 September, an ECOMOVE International delegation visited Johannesburg to participate actively in the Jozi Summit Film Festival, where over 30 films provided by the ECOMOVE festival members were screened. The Festival was a side event of the World Summit for Sustainable Development, which drew tens of thousands of environmental experts and activists to Johannesburg from 26 August to 4 September 2002.

The Jozi Summit Film Festival was a collaborative effort of the Film Resource Unit (the premier distributor and promoter of independent African films), the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD): South Africa, the cinema companies Nu Metro and Ster Kinekor, the Gauteng Film Office, the National Film and Video Foundation as well as several other South African and international organizations and of course ECOMOVE International. Sony Europe, the Volkswagen AG, UNEP and UNDP were among its major sponsors.

All ECOMOVE member festivals had submitted films from their list of favourite and awarded film productions that fit the context of the Earth Summit. The films were screened at four movie theatres and greatly appreciated by the audience.

The Jozi Summit Film Festival 2002 is the official educational component of the World Summit of Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The Jozi Summit Film Festival 2002's main objectives are to use appropriate film to ensure public participation and understanding of key summit issues and objectives, to use film to make known current problems, challenges, existing and possible social development initiatives, interventions and solutions, and to showcase the world's best environmental films from both North and South. Sony Europe and the Volkswagen AG made ECOMOVE International's contribution to this event possible.


ECOMOVE 2001, the First Festival of Environmental Film Festivals, took place in Berlin, Germany, from 3 - 5 December 2001 in the CineStar movie theatres of the Sony Centre at Pottsdamer Platz. An international jury - including Germany's environment minister Jürgen Tritin - awarded prizes to "the best of the best" films that six international environmental film festivals of the ECOMOVE network had submitted for screening. Workshops, exhibitions and expert discussions formed the framework programme of the festival. The event was generously sponsored by SONY Europe, Volkswagen AG, and the City of Berlin and supported by the Royal Awards Foundation of the European Environment Agency, Reuters Foundation, TVE, UNEP, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.