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ECOMOVE International

ECOMOVE is a non-profit-organisation active both at a German and international level, which supports and promotes audio-visual media dealing with environment and sustainable development.

ECOMOVE organises film events, curates film series, carries out educational projects and provides supporting services.

ECOMOVE is based on the co-operation of various international environmental film festivals.

About Us

Current ECOMOVE-Projects

Projekt: Escape Climate Change

Escape Climate Change elaborates an interactive game which is based on the idea of Escape Games. A group has to solve a complex mystery apllying their knowledge about climate change.

Escape Climate Change

Project: Vocals for Refugees

United in intergrating refugees-VOCALS FOR REFUGEES- is a project embracing the universal language that overcomes all cultural barriers and has the power to connect every single one of us: the language of music. The path this project is taking is as versatile as the people involved, Turning real life intergration into a rewarding and unifying experience.

Vocals for Refugees

Project: Climate Change Tracks

In five towns and cities, the project realised locality-based “climate education routes”. In this way, KLIMA°Trax communicates the subject of “climate protection” with the help of mobile learning in the places where it is visible and tangible. Climate protection is put into a practical, local context where it is tangible, alive and motivating. The objective is to motivate as many people as possible to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Climate Change Tracks