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ECOMOVE International

ECOMOVE is a non-profit-organisation active both at a German and international level, which supports and promotes audio-visual media dealing with environment and sustainable development.

ECOMOVE organises film events, curates film series, carries out educational projects and provides supporting services.

ECOMOVE is based on the co-operation of various international environmental film festivals.

About Us

Current ECOMOVE-Projects

Project: Vocals for Refugees

United in intergrating refugees-VOCALS FOR REFUGEES- is a project embracing the universal language that overcomes all cultural barriers and has the power to connect every single one of us: the language of music. The path this project is taking is as versatile as the people involved, Turning real life intergration into a rewarding and unifying experience.

Vocals for Refugees

Project: Climate Change Tracks

In five towns and cities, the project realised locality-based “climate education routes”. In this way, KLIMA°Trax communicates the subject of “climate protection” with the help of mobile learning in the places where it is visible and tangible. Climate protection is put into a practical, local context where it is tangible, alive and motivating. The objective is to motivate as many people as possible to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Climate Change Tracks

Project: Green Economy Educational Manual

In this project, ECOMOVE developed an extensive education manual on the subject of “Green Economy – Visions and Technologies”. The objective is to establish the “green economy” theme more firmly in schools and to bring schools and sustainability-conscious companies together. The main focus is to emphasise the economic potential of green technologies, also with regard to occupational opportunities and the involvement of young people. 

Green Economy Educational Manaul

Project: Media Package Resources

In this project ECOMOVE International developed a broad-based media package that consist of selected film and TV productions on the subjects of "resource efficiency, closed substance cycle waste management and sustainable consumption", as well as extensive teaching aids for use in environmental education. In addition, ECOMOVE presented a cinema and discussion programme , a full evening-length nationwide event aimed at all documentary and cinema enthusiasts. 

Media Package Resources