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ECOMOVE International

ECOMOVE is a non-profit-organisation active both at a German and international level, which supports and promotes audio-visual media dealing with environment and sustainable development.

ECOMOVE organises film events, curates film series, carries out educational projects and provides supporting services.

ECOMOVE is based on the co-operation of various international environmental film festivals.

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Current ECOMOVE-Projects

Escape Climate Change

Escape Climate Change elaborates an interactive game which is based on the idea of Escape Games. A group has to solve a complex mystery apllying their knowledge about climate change.

Escape Climate Change

My New Home

As part of this integration project, an app is being developed that functions as a location-based mobile game. Local teenagers and young refugees can use this app together to guide them on a tour of their local area. Participants are asked to form small mixed groups made up of refugees and locals, and work together to solve puzzles and complete tasks. These tasks are designed to help the young people who have recently arrived in the area to get to know their new social environment both geographically and culturally.

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Refugees in Motion

The projects aims at establishing initiatives for the social integration of refugees in different cities/regions in Niedersachsen. Young people (refugees and Germans) are invited to express their image of cultural diversity and social justice using artistic formats like short film, music, foto, theater, etc. The artistic results will later be presented at an oficial event.

Refugees in Motion

The “serious games” teaching unit

ECOMOVE is developing a “serious games” teaching unit on the “international justice and climate change” complex of themes. The teaching unit is being introduced/implemented in practice in the classroom in partnership with teachers at three model schools in northern Germany.

> Unterrichtseinheit "Serious Games"