The media play a central role in most people's lives today. Public and private opinion depend far more on images now than ever before. Film in particular is a medium that makes possible communication on emotional and "perceptual" levels, thus encouraging people to reflect and change their views. To this end, ECOMOVE seeks to present films to a broad audience that are outstanding as regards content and aesthetics. At a time when images increasingly determine our daily lives, ECOMOVE endeavours to distribute artistically and politically sophisticated films and support filmmakers. The work of ECOMOVE is directed toward making as many viewers as possible aware of environmental and social issues, thereby promoting the process essential for societal change.

ECOMOVE pursues the following goals:

  • improving the quality and quantity of environmental audio-visual productions; promoting the free, world-wide distribution of environmental media
  • opening up new markets for environmental media productions; increasing the demand for environmental films and new productions
  • promoting the use of environmental audio-visual productions in education and training
  • emphasizing solutions for environmental problems rather than dwelling on pessimistic prognoses

ECOMOVE focuses on ecology / environmental policy. The term "environment" is broadly understood to include economical and socio-cultural aspects as well as global justice issues. ECOMOVE is therefore committed to sustainable development.