Climate Change Trax (KLIMA°Trax)

KLIMA°Trax communicates the subject of “climate protection” with the help of mobile learning in the places where it is visible and tangible. In this way, climate protection is put into a practical, local context where it is tangible, alive and motivating. The objective is to motivate as many people as possible to reduce their CO2 emissions.

In five towns and cities, the project realises locality-based “climate education routes” (KLIMA°Trax) that can be negotiated right there in the locality within the framework of a mobile game using an iPad app. In the game, the respective team tries to save as much virtual CO2 as possible. KLIMA°Trax is aimed particularly at school classes, with teachers being provided with supplementary educational material for the purpose. The results go into a Germany-wide competition. The most creative contributions are given awards by a jury. Finally, the finished KLIMA°Trax tours are then handed over to local “mentors” (town/city administration, environmental associations, etc.) who guarantee the long-term nature of the routes. In addition to the KLIMA°Trax, a card application is being developed on which the further climate-relevant points of interest (“KLIMA°POIs”) in the participating towns and cities are listed. Users, too, can define their own localities and insert content related to climate protection. These KLIMA°POIs (“CLIMATE°POIs”) will then be available in the form of a web-based card.


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