Media Package Climate & Energy

The topic of sustainable energy supply and climate change extends into almost every area of our lives these days. Climate change has already had a huge impact, both ecological and social, in many regions of the world. The increase in commodity prices, furthermore, is leading to far-reaching changes in our everyday lives and in the overall societal structure in Germany and around the world. If society is to be fit for the future, then, there will have to be a fundamental rethink regarding the way we handle energy in all areas of our lives and in the economy as a whole.

This is the backdrop against which ECOMOVE is developing an extensive media package comprising a series of attractive films and a concept for a creative supporting programme for the films that involves educational media, factual expertise and the arts. The media package is designed to communicate the topic of "Sustainable Energy Supply and Climate Change" to a broad target public in a way that is vivid, informative and emotional. ECOMOVE is going to offer this media package to schools and adult education institutions all over Germany by means of an extensive promotional and rental structure. At the same time, journalists, experts and the general public will be addressed via press and public relations work.

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