Next Exit Chemical Safety

Next Exit: Chemical Safety is an educational project in which the main topics of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions are transformed into an interactive game and made available to schools in various countries. The concept is based on the idea of escape games, in which a small group must succeed in solving a complex task within a given time frame. The game is to be played by groups of up to 30 people and adapted thematically to the topic "Chemical Safety/Sustainable Chemistry". Educational material will be developed to accompany the game, which provides teachers with a wealth of background information and ideas for further projects. Next Exit: Chemical Safety thus attempts to introduce young people to the topic in a playful way.

In the project a game box which contains all the necessary materials will be developed. This will be produced with a print run of 500 copies in different languages. In addition to the distribution of the box, a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) version will be developed, to enable teachers to put together the game themselves with little effort, thus ensuring further distribution of the game.

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