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ECOMOVE is a non-profit organisation active across Germany and internationally – its goal is to support education on sustainable development through the use of (new) media. ECOMOVE carries out educational projects, develops learning materials, organises film events and provides support services. The organisation has been active in Education for Sustainable Development since 2001 and, through its work, seeks to communicate sustainability issues and future topics in an innovative and ambitious manner.

The media play a central role in most people's lives today. Public and private opinion depend far more on images now than ever before. Media make communication possible on emotional and "perceptual" levels, thus encouraging people to reflect and change their views. To this end, ECOMOVE seeks to use media to bring across the message of Sustainability. At a time when images increasingly determine our daily lives, The work of ECOMOVE is directed toward making as many viewers as possible aware of environmental and social issues, thereby promoting the process essential for societal change.

The organisation ECOMOVE International is based on the cooperation of various international enviromental film festivals. One of ECOMOVE's purposes is to promote the environmental media as an important tool for getting the environmental message across to the general public worldwide and improve its image and appreciation by increasing quality and quantity of environmental media productions.



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