We always want to be good...

Serious game about the opposition and resistance of young people in the GDR

“We always want to be good, because that's the only way people like us,” sang the punk band Feeling B in the mid-1980s, at the same time expressing the spirit of opposition against the GDR state and the repression against resistant young people.

The project is dedicated to the opposition of young people in the last 20 years of the GDR and presents the topic in the form of a serious game for young people aged 14 and over (8th grade). The game is an offer that enables players to independently and playfully gain experience about the moral courage, protest and resistance of young people in a dictatorship and to relate this to their present in a democracy and the future and thus to gain their own orientation for action. It is produced in an edition of 200 game boxes and distributed free of charge to multipliers (schools, political education institutions). At the same time, a DIY version (Do-It-Yourself) is being developed, which can be downloaded using templates and instructions and assembled independently. The game is complemented by educational materials that explain the use and introduce in-depth teaching materials. A rental system allows the game to continue to be used beyond the end of the project. In order to reach the target group, educational institutions are specifically addressed, and a nationwide public relations and social media campaign accompanies the project.

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