Escape Climate Change

Learning about climate protection through play

With Escape Climate Change, an interactive game for schools is being developed that engages with the subject of “climate protection” in a fun and exciting way. The idea is based on the concept of escape games, where a small group must solve a complex puzzle within a certain period of time. The mobile game is aimed at secondary schoolchildren aged 14 and above.

Escape Climate Change is designed for school classes. The children must work together to crack a final secret code to get their hands on what’s inside a case. To achieve that, they will need to solve a series of puzzles and tasks, relying on instinct, teamwork, logic and web research, and using an app developed exclusively for the game. Cooperation, teamwork and engagement with the subject of “climate protection” are the keys to success in the game.

With the case, the game can be played without additional preparation or materials. Every school can order the Escape Climate Change case, and the game can be played in the classroom. An extensive range of additional support and supplementary materials is available for teachers.


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